Before using the UI / UX Design from Eannovate, Kandidat was rarely acknowledged by its target audiences in Indonesia. Users typically start their journey with online research and studies have shown that every business has 50 milliseconds before users have made their first judgments on their products or services. Perhaps somewhat surprising, however, is the fact that not only is visual design the first impression consumers will have of your product - it is arguably the most important impression for users.

And once the users have an idea of what they need or want, they start to pick the most suitable portal for them. And user choice is always the one that provides them the better visual & easy navigation at first glance.

Usually, many general job vacancy websites provide only from one point of view, from the job seeker’s side, and rarely from the employer’s side. Therefore, we help Kandidat in providing job vacancy services as well as job searches through their previous website platforms & mobile applications with a clearer visual appearance, well-designed, and easier navigation.

Kandidat is using one of the EANNOVATE products that are UI / UX Design to help them visualize a beautiful and functional website platform & mobile apps. With this, Kandidat can make its target audience and potential users experiencing a much easier way to find any services that they offer.

Their potential users also can learn more about their products comfortably with a well-designed visual interface, clearer & easy navigation to separate the job seekers & company who wants to offer the job by using the website platform and mobile apps.

By using our UI / UX Design service, Kandidat can build a more loyal audience on their website & mobile apps (direct channel). And also, Their potential users can learn more with comfortably using a well-designed visual interface, clearer, & easy navigation about their services.

EANNOVATE is Kandidat's trusted vendor for Kandidat - Website Landing Page project.

With services such as UI UX Design.


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