4 Creative Packaging Box Ideas

13 Nov 2018 by Billy Gani

Product packaging is everywhere, from your local grocery store to your favorite online shops. There’s no escaping it, but thankfully packaging design is evolving every year to meet our changing needs and wants. At the forefront of those needs and wants is our reliance on e-commerce. Recreating the visual experience we are used to having in stores virtually can prove to be rather difficult at times, but we’re getting better at it. And it’s really all about the unboxing experience, anyway. Isn’t it?


Feminine, calming package design is moving into the spotlight in 2018, which means that pastels are seeing a resurgence. Pastels feel like a natural reaction to the hyper-stimulating and explosive colors we’ve been experiencing. They speak to our softer side.

The reduced saturation makes pastels a great choice for creating a soft, pale effect that gives products a candid and warm aura, which is translated into a pleasant and welcoming message for the potential customer. Instead of being rushed and dazzled in order to look, touch, smell or taste and eventually buy, we’re being gently eased into it.

Standout shapes and materials

For the ones that aren’t about words or pastel colors, but all about innovative shapes and materials—you’re in luck! This approach falls under the “extreme packaging” category, but in a good way.


You can’t go forward without knowing your past. The past is ingrained in our current collective reality, which is why vintage design thrives on us remembering. Throwback design give us a little something that was left behind: an essential part of our culture or memories.

Vintage design is also an effective way of demonstrating dedication to a certain level of quality, perhaps unaltered since the inception of the product, decades or centuries back. Vintage tells a story of tradition, respect and passion, elements that remain alive—from a design standpoint—through organized structure, dense details and strong, lasting identity.


Photography has always been strongly linked to design. The complex visual message that a photo conveys has the power to make you pause. This purple cereal box is good example of the balance obtained through the use of photography and negative space.

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Hubungi kami untuk membicarakan ide anda. Ayo bersama membuatnya menjadi kenyataan!




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