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Do’s & Dont’s For Wrapping Car With Vehicle Graphics

07 Nov 2018 by Billy Gani

Before starting any vehicle wrap design, consider the following do’s and don’ts:

Do size up the job and take photos

Before you start designing, you should size up the vehicle. Photograph the vehicle from all sides and take key measurements of the sides, hood, rear, roof and bumpers, then scale the photos accordingly in your design software. Shoot direct shots (never take photographs at an angle) and pay close attention to body breaks, extreme curves, rivets, door handles and other protruding parts. By taking the time to shoot the vehicle, you can plan for any vehicle customizations or paint and body issues. This is vital when quoting and planning a wrap, and also for letting a client know what your shop is able to do for them. Bring the client and vehicle into the shop in advance and photograph and measure it whilst discussing any special requirements.

A template can only tell you so much about a vehicle. It can provide you with an important dimensional outline of the vehicle and a digital canvas to work on but won’t alert you to any unique problems you may encounter. Printing and cutting a wrap and then discovering while installing that the client has attached a custom bumper could send you straight back to the drawing board and cost you valuable time and money.

Do research your client and create a plan-of-action

Like any creative undertaking, knowledge is the first step on the path to great design. Don’t start any design until you’ve talked with your client about designs they like, designs they’ve seen, and their own brand expectations of color, message and composition. Look at other designs in the same marketplace and do your research. It’s helpful to bring together all this information in a brief or job outline to ensure that your customer and everyone in your shop are on the same page.

Don’t rush headlong into your design

For any designer, the urge to get designing and creating immediately is a strong one. However, this approach can be fraught with trouble and is a shot in the dark as far as providing the client with the design they want. Communicate with your client before starting your design and pay attention to their specific design needs and wants. Develop your conceptual ideas to meet and exceed their expectations and you will avoid unnecessary redesigns.

Florida based Geek Wraps went big and bold on this monster of a wrap – extremely eye-catching and memorable with bright colors and exciting graphics.

Do use bold colors and bold design

Vehicle wrap design has a history of being big, bold and exciting, and for good reason – it needs to get noticed. When creating your design, think big and create larger-than-life graphics that people will notice and remember. With such a large canvas to work on, it presents an opportunity to be bold.

Don’t overcrowd your design

Even though vehicle wrap designs are traditionally colorful and eye-catching, this does not mean that your design should be crowded with imagery and design elements. The most effective vehicle designs are colorful and dynamic but they typically show a high-level of sophistication in composition and design. It’s always preferable to be simple and obvious with your design, so eliminate noisy backgrounds and unnecessary clutter to allow the message to stand out.

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