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4 Tips For Making Your Best Booklet

11 Jul 2018 by Billy Gani

A printed booklet or brochure is a fantastic marketing tool and can act as a beautiful showcase for your business. Creating a stylish design with functional content will ensure your brochure grabs attention and engages with your customers. Whilst the design and imagery is certainly essential for a successful booklet, it is also vital to consider the look and feel of the paper you choose to print on. Not only do you want to choose the paper to give your brochure the biggest impact, but you also need to take in to account a number of other considerations.

We know it can be a little daunting with all the choice available, so we have put to together 4 helpful tips using our vast experience in producing brochures to make understanding and choosing paper types simpler to follow:

Consider the cost

Cost is of course an important consideration when printing your booklet – make sure you understand the different costs associated with various paper weights and finishes, but also think about the weight and size of the final brochure and how you are planning to distribute them and this could also become costly with a heavy finished brochure.

Make sure it suits your brand

When a potential customer picks up your booklet it needs convey an accurate first impression of your business. The design and messaging will certainly be part of this, but it is also important to choose a suitable paper weight and consider the tactile elements of your brochure. If you are trying to give the impression of a high-end luxury brand you may opt for a heavier paper weight on a silk stock which portrays this quality. You could even look at a bespoke finish for your brochure such as a matt laminate or spot UV to give it a premium feel. On the other hand if you are an eco-friendly charity, you are likely to want give the impression that you have not spent too much and are being environmentally friendly, so choosing a no-fuss light weight brochure using an uncoated recyclable paper would be perfect. Essentially think about your brand before choosing the stock for your brochure.

Consider your design and content

Different paper types are better at enhancing some design features than others. An uncoated stock for your brochure can give a nice rustic, organic feel to your brochure showing up grainy textures very effectively, however it can also dull down bright colours and photographs. Whereas a silk or gloss finish can enhance colours and bring these photos to life. You also get what you pay for, so whilst choosing a very thin and low quality stock for your booklet is likely to be cheaper it may not hold the print as well as could cause see-through between the content on the front and back of your brochure pages.

How durable does it need to be?

If you are looking to produce a generic brochure which needs last you for years to come, you will want to choose a high quality paper thickness and binding. However if your brochure is likely to be seasonal and need updating with new content in the future you may feel you can get away with a simpler finish. You may also need to consider what they will need to ensure during distribution, whether they will simply sit on a stand in a showroom, or be moved around externally from event to event. Make sure your brochure is durable enough for your particular requirements.

Usually a mixture of paper weights are used within a single brochure with a heavier cover and lighter inner pages. You can also choose specific paper for individual sections, divider pages or inserts within your brochure, or look at adding a special finish to your cover. Giving some thought to your paper choices can ensure your booklet has the desired impact and really stands out for your company. 

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