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5 Food Websites With Creative UI Design

11 Jun 2018 by Billy Gani

Long gone are the days when foodies had to make do with PDF’s of menus and images of food in bad lighting.

Contemporary food websites make use of a great interface design, beautiful photography, easy interface, brilliant colors, appealing fonts, quality content and often a magic ingredient – to entice you.

Here are 5 vital ingredients to create a great food website:

Enticing Photography

The eyes lay first on the food – the staple of every food website is a combination of brilliant photography and amazing photo-editing skills.

No matter what your product, it needs to look delectable, fresh, and pretty. Food photography is an art that every food brand needs to master. Keep your plating perfect – your dishes, cutlery and glasses carefully arranged or aesthetically haphazard.

Appetizing Color

Colors can play up or down your food, they can make it look tempting or boring. Color play is a big factor in what makes a food website design stand-out.

A good trick of the book when choosing the background color is to sample colors from the food itself, and darken or lighten them – so as to make them all fall in a close palette and make the food look attractive. For the typography, do the reverse (lighter or darker) than the background. You can also sample with a completely new complementary color.

Tasty Typography

The typography for a food website needs to compliment your food, without overshadowing it. You can draw inspiration from restaurant menus, cookbooks or handwritten recipes.

A contract of type styles between content (subheadings and ingredients) can add a unique flavor to your website design.

Yummy Content

The content always matters. Once the readers have had a look and feel of your website, they seek what value you can add to their knowledge or how your content feeds their interests.

Always keep your content light, fun, easy and simple – so as to catch their attention and keep them hooked. You can have some fun with the name of the dishes or the recipes you add to your blogs.

Delicious Interface

A good user interface design is the foundation of any website. It allows the user to carry out their purpose easily and browse efficiently without getting distracted.

The best UI work subtly in the background and elevate your user experience. When designing a user interface keep in mind that all the functions are consistent and intuitive, the user has a clear idea on how to perform his desired action, its highly responsive and keeps up with the user’s speed and also well-maintained for it to be ABSOLUTELY DELISH – speaking strictly in food terms.

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