Unique Tote Bag Ideas Only For You

31 May 2018 by Billy Gani

Tote Bags is one of a kind practical and unique bag that suitable for you which is used in various activities, tote bags Usually have simple but elegant features, generally with different bag with only one main bag. for storage of the goods you carry. With an artistic look and design will make you more confident when wearing it. Tote Bags with a design that you can be combined with the fashion that you use everyday. What’s more there are now many fashion trends that you can take to be the answer in designing the tote bags you want to make yourself.

So here are some design tote bags that are suitable for your style.

1. Design with cool quotes

The design of a tote bag with the selection of quotes from a well-known character or also with the principle sentence that you have will add to your confidence and show your true identity, in addition, the background image or color selection should also be appropriate to make it different from others .

2. Design with pictures of pets or others animals

Have a pet or have any kind of animal you like? Designs with cute animal pictures will make your mood rise and make you more enthusiastic in daily activities. people will see you as a kind person, not arrogant and merciful.

3. Abstract and artistic design

With an abstract design and artistic design people will see you as a high artistic person, choose a picture that accentuates another side of you that reflects the meaning of a high value work that gives everyone a good impression.

4. Simply design with monochrome accents

one of the simplest yet long-lasting designs of monochrome designs, designs that rely solely on basic patterns and colors is a favorite for most people, showing a very good impression to everyone and friendly.

5. Design using foreign language

Using a foreign language such as Mandarin, Japanese or Arabic will make you look more insightful and make others think the word meaning of the language. People will assume you have those foreign language skills and are amazed.

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Hubungi kami untuk membicarakan ide anda. Ayo bersama membuatnya menjadi kenyataan!




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